Mission Statement:

Artwrit is an independent quarterly and monthly publication committed to excellence in art writing. Our mission is to uphold the highest standard in writing about the visual arts and to advance the discipline by providing a forum where its various forms—academic criticism, cultural-inquiry and editorial styles—can exist inclusively. Equally urgent is our mission to preserve the current cultural moment by way of rigorous coverage of art at present and utilizing living resources, as in our Oral History Initiative, to document our shared cultural present and past. Our hope is that in this pursuit, we will have created an invaluable resource for artists, critics, scholars and other interested parties.

Artwrit is currently seeking contributors for its quarterly journal and monthly supplement.

Information for interested writers:

-Contributions to the Quarterly should be in the line of scholarly art criticism and cultural critique.

-Contributions to the Monthly Supplement will have a slightly more editorial focus, yet maintain seriousness of purpose. The supplement features time-relevant reviews, interviews and artist profiles.

We are building a roster of writers on a national and international level, as our coverage is broad. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire writing and publishing credit, and to showcase your work through regular contributions. Please note that yours would be a volunteer contribution; however it provides valuable exposure for your work and the opportunity to build on your skill set as an art writer.

If you are interested in contributing, please submit your materials using the form below.

Please fill out basic information fields at the top, then copy/paste your CV and two writing samples that demonstrate your critical writing abilities. It is preferable that these are art-related.

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